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Vessel of Truth | Impassioned Songstress | Incubator of Creativity


San Jose, CA







"West Side Story"

Music: Leonard Bernstein

Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim

Book: Arther Laurents


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Hey! I'm Leah.

I love theatre. I love singing. I love writing.

I love finding creative outlets that bring untold stories to life. 

Connecting people,

finding a common empathy,

bonding creators, performers, and audiences through artistic expression gives me life.

I fight for and alongside marginalized people.
I strive to give voice to those who no longer know how to connect, whose stories need to be heard.

I love collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds,


and artistic mediums

to create a visceral experience that breaks through the walls we've all built,

reconnecting us to our humanity.

I believe in our youth.

I choose to listen to them,

provide a safe place for them to be vulnerable,

allow creativity to flow through their personal experiences.

I am fiercely committed to the empowerment of young people.

My Fuel | My Life | My Purpose

Artistic Statement

Lights go up, and sounds begin to resonate, the actors take the stage, and with much anticipation the audience awaits to be taken on a journey. As the story unfolds the audience becomes more and more invested in the characters, one in particular may catch their fancy. You’ve captivated them, you’ve taken them to a new level of understanding, you’ve bonded through artistic expression and have created a visceral theatrical experience. To reach a common empathy: that is what inspires me to create and has been the driving force behind my work.


Giving voice to those who have lost theirs, who have been silenced, and shamed, and locked up: those are the stories I choose to tell. Stigmas create a divide, they bandage, cover up, and build a wall to separate us from our humanity. Opening that dialogue offers an opportunity to connect with others and reconnect with oneself; it puts a face to a label, and surely these stigmas become less taboo; the walls start to fall apart. Words are not always the best way to express the tremendous spectrum of emotions evoked, or the most effective way to explain them. In my work, I have used several different mediums to tell these stories: visual art, drama, dance, and music. Each piece I create whether it is a script, a piece of music, visual art, or dance, I try to present it in the most authentic, honest, and inclusive way possible; they won’t tell the story effectively without that ardor and conviction. That is a mission I am passionately dedicated to.

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